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Club 8


04. 12. 14.



1. Love in December … from “Club 8”
2. Hope for Winter … from “Club 8”
3. You and Me … from EP “Summer Songs”
4. Spring Came, Rain Fell … from “Spring Came, Rain Fell”
5. Boyfriends Stay … from “Club 8”
6. My Heart Won't Break … from B-side of the single “Missing You”
7. We're Simple Minds … from “Spring Came, Rain Fell”
8. She Lives By The Water … from “Club 8”
9. The Next Step You'll Take … from “Strangely Beautiful”
10. The Beauty of The Way We're Living … from “Strangely Beautiful”
11. Everlasting Love … from “The Friend I Once Had”
12. Stay By My Side … from “Strangely Beautiful”
13. The End of The Affair … from “The Friend I Once Had”
14. All I Can Do … from “The Friend I Once Had”
15. Cold Hearts … from “Strangely Beautiful”
16. Saturday Night Engine … from “Strangely Beautiful”
17. The Chance I Deserve … from “Spring Came, Rain Fell”
18. Sometimes I Felt Like a Loser ... from “Strangely Beautiful”
19. This Is The Morning ... from “Strangely Beautiful”
20. Missing You ... from “The Friend I Once Had”

스웨덴의 아름다움을 선사하는 챔버팝 듀오 클럽 에잇(CLUB 8)
세계유일의 한국 독점발매 스페셜 에디션이자 첫번째 베스트 앨범
“BEST WISHES - Best of CLUB 8”

영화 ‘피아노 치는 대통령’, 드라마 ‘오!필승 봉순영’ ‘술의 나라’ 그리고 ‘농협’ ‘크렌시아’

‘보루네오 가구’ ‘아큐브’ 등의 CF에 삽입되었던 <Love in December> <Hope for Winter> <You and Me> <All I Can Do> <Cold Hearts> <Missing You>등의 히트곡들과
모바일과 인터넷 블로그상에서 인기가 높은 <Boyfriends Stay> <This Is The Morning>,
그리고 <The End of The Affair> <Saturday Night Engine> <The Chance I Deserve>등
클럽 에잇 하면 떠오르는 총 20곡의 멋진 넘버들이 빽빽한 그들의 첫번째 Greatest Hits

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