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24. 5. 20.



1 A name engraved in my heart
2 A spoonful of excitement
3 Before the night is over
4 Between heaven and hell
5 Between you and me
6 Brother next door
7 Come back to me
8 Come like a dream
9 Do whatever you want
10 Do you want to go eat ice cream
11 I should live well
12 I'll be your umbrella
13 I'm still missing you
14 If sadness has weight
15 It would be perfect to walk today
16 Love comes like spring
17 Love is the flower of life
18 So that it can be one page
19 Tea time for cats and magpies
20 Terminal wet in the rain
21 Three ways to deal with sadness
22 Triangle square circle
23 Unknown number
24 We didn't see the whole movie
25 When I'm drunk I look at your pictures
26 When the world was falling
27 When you turn around
28 Why the hell are you
29 Without anyone knowing
30 You are everything in the world

오랜 기간 영원한 행복을 찾고자 전전긍긍하는 사람들, 이내 반복되는 실망감.

우리는 행복이라는 환상을 계속해서 따라가고 있어요. 행복을 위해 진정으로 뭘 해야 하는지 알지 못한 채로.

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