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Remember About You




22. 11. 17.



01. Brave And Mind
02. Change My Soul
03. Crazy Of Your Life
04. Don't Need Guy
05. Don't Need His Gal
06. Down To My World
07. Drink For My Guy
08. Forgot Music
09. Forgot Your Traditions
10. Getting To Your Name
11. Give Back Time
12. Give Back Your Tears
13. Go To Her Song
14. Go To My Darling
15. Go To My Ways
16. Hello And Memories
17. History Of My Darling
18. Home Of Your World
19. Lonely And Pride
20. Lost Your Home
21. Love For My Fire
22. Old And Angel
23. Reach For Her Friends
24. Reach For Your Thunder
25. Rodeo Of Your Friends
26. Search For His Life
27. There Goes His Friends
28. There Goes My Boots
29. Thinking Of My Father
30. Your Ways

Album Remember About You .
Dreams and ideals are not the same. Dreams can sometimes be out of reach, but ideals can come true, we work hard for it and we will achieve our goals. As we fulfill each ideal, we get closer to the original dream.

Executive Producer Samuel music
Produced by Samuel
Composed by Samuel
Arranged by Songhye
Mixed & Mastered by Samuel music

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