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April 2nd EP cover.jpg

Serene Echoes




24. 7. 1.



1 Gaps In Memories
2 How Can I Not Love You
3 How Did I Fall In Love With You
4 It's Getting Better
5 Queen Of My Heart
6 Shining Day
7 Someone Like You
8 Soul Meeting Body
9 Stereo Life Is On
10 The Child's Diary
11 The Moon Is Really Bright Today
12 There Are No Secrets
13 Through The Lights
14 You Next To Someone Else

"Serene Echoes" is a captivating album that offers listeners a relaxing and profound musical experience. Composed by a talented artist, this album blends gentle melodies from traditional instruments with modern electronic sounds, creating a unique and soothing musical space. Each track in "Serene Echoes" is an emotional journey, guiding listeners through rich and tranquil soundscapes. The album serves not only as a perfect relaxation after a stressful day but also as a work of art that helps listeners explore and connect with themselves. "Serene Echoes" promises to be an ideal choice for those seeking peace and depth in their music.

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